The Pocits Project

We imagined a better way for you to connect with the people, organizations and companies in your life. A way that requires far less time and money than navigating in and out of a zillion social and service websites to discover and be discovered. You'll experience simplicity at every level of personal, professional and corporate engagement. Pocits is a more integrated and unified world with a new approach to how you organize, feature and manage content to communicate.

Our name and logo is about autonomy and having control of your out-going and in-coming information. Watch for an invitation from a friend to join us in this closed-beta phase. 'Get a Pocit' with a gift from us. It's an insider opportunity to preview our up-and-coming innovations and to experience each one as it's rolled out. To start, we provided the typical networking features your familiar with to engage your contacts and follow development as we build our new creation. You're going to love it.

Join. Connect. Share.

Join (by intvitation)

Activate your pocit with some basic details. Pocits is a cooperative society so your personal info is yours to control. No data mining. No info for sale. It's not needed.

Connect with friends

Interact with people, professionals and companies and expand your personal and business horizons. We're building lots of new ways to discover and be discovered.

Share content

Share social & business content and follow others without unsolicited sponsored posts and irrelevant ads. Upload pictures, music, videos and things of interest.