The Pocits Project

We're building the first geographic city & town network for consumers and business, residents and community, family and friends. You're invited to join people, organizations and companies in a new approach to organize, feature, and share content in your town and places beyond. An integrated world that requires less time to discover and less money to be discovered.

Get a pocit with a gift for joining. To start, make a basic profile to periodically follow updates and experience each new innovation as its rolled out. There'll be ever increasing reasons to log in and participate with rewards to acquire along the way too. Are you a visionary? There are amazing and valuable benefits for sponsors that contributor to development including insider access to the project's blueprints. Help us build your town and pioneer a new way to network in your city. It's a construction site, so don't step on a nail and wear your hard hat.

Join. Connect. Share.


Get a pocit and a gift for joining too. Your personal info is yours to control. No info for sale. It's not needed. Check out the rewards and benefits you can earn along the way.


We're building lots of new ways for people, professionals and companies to interact that expand your personal and business horizons to discover and be discovered.


Upload pictures, videos, links, and interests. Soon, you'll be sharing with friends and family and featuring business content in your city's commons for followers and the public too.