Are you all about viral and disruptive technology? About online digital media, social networking and advertising? About crypto-currency and blockchain? About online privacy & freedom? About joining a startup venture in creating the next online sensation? There are two ways you can join the Pocits Project and next level online communications.

  1. Co-founder ACTIVE
  2. Employee ACTIVE



Are you a business developer or computer programmer that would like to exchange some sweat and expertise in exchange for ownership? We have both light and heavy duty task based equity opportunities to participate as a co-founding stake holder with huge upside rewards in an exciting online media venture based in Fredericton, NB.

If you're familiar with joining a startup, as described here, then contact us or get a pocit and tell us about your areas of interest and skills then we'll share more about our project and benefits. To see more about tasks click here or join our happy hour meet-up for food, drinks and conversation about the Pocits Project.


We anticipate our media platform and staffing needs will grow rapidly grow and will post available positions following the current co-founder stage.