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Co-founder Team

Are you interested in viral and disruptive technology? About online digital media, social networking and advertising? About crypto-currency and blockchain? About local business sector & community life solutions? About online privacy & freedom? About joining a startup venture trading your expertise in exchange for ownership and stock payoffs in the next online sensation?

If you're a business developer or computer programmer, check out Pocits ground floor co-founder opportunity. Participate as a co-founder and stake holder in an exciting startup venture based in Fredericton NB, that should prove to be a global sensation with huge personal rewards.

We have both light and heavy duty tasks with equity opportunities in the Pocits project. If you're familiar with joining a startup as described 'here', then 'get a pocit' and include your skills and areas of interests in your profile then we'll share more about our project and benefits.

See more details about tasks 'here'. To learn more about the Pocits network join our meetup for an overview presentation with food, drinks and conversation.

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Employee Team

Pocits will post a variety of available jobs following the Co-founder Team building phase.

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Beta Partners

If you're marketing with coupons & flyers or have a website, if you use services like Autotrader, MLS, Kijiji, and Google Ads, if you use social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn then you'll want to become a beta partner.

Let's make a deal! In exchange for your valuable user activity and data content during this development and testing phase, we're offering an amazing Lifetime Rewards & Benefits including our suite of marketing apps. Totally free.

A limited number of professionals, companies and organizations from select business sector categories like Automotive, Restaurant, and Insurance. It starts at your place of business with our presentation and your thumbs up endorsement. You're going to love it!

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Membership by Invitation (closed beta)

Beta partners may invite Membership by invitation. Participants with early-bird access eager to pioneer a new online experience as we develop and in exchange receive exclusive consumer and business rewards and benefits.

  • Membership types: person, organization or company
  • Rewards & Benefits (e.g.: uploading photos of sites and attractions in your city or town)

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Membership by Sign Up (open beta)

Direct sign up at by any person, organization or company.

  • Members
  • Public