Phase 1: Team Membership

Are you interested in viral and disruptive technology? About online digital media, social networking and advertising? About local community and business? About crypto-currency and blockchain? About privacy and freedom? About joining a startup for ownership and stock option payoffs and full time opportunities?


Biz Dev

We have various light and heavy duty tasks for co-founder equity opportunities in the Pocits project. If you're familiar with joining a startup as described 'here', then 'Get a pocit' and include your areas of interests and skills with your profile and we'll share more about the project, meetups, and benefits. See more details about Tasks 'here'.

Phase 2: Closed Beta Membership

Membership by invitation. Participants with early-bird access eager to pioneer a new online experience as we develop and in exchange receive exclusive consumer and business rewards and benefits.

  • Membership types: person, organization or company
  • Rewards & Benefits (e.g.: uploading photos of sites and attractions in your city or town)

Phase 3: Open Beta Membership

Membership sign up. Open direct sign up by any person, organization or company.

  • Members
  • Public