Partners & Members

If you have a website, advertise or use coupons and flyers, if you rely on SEO and Google Adsense or feature products on sites like Autotrader, MLS, and Kijiji, if you network through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn then you're going to love the all-in-one world of Pocits.

  1. Partners (open)
  2. Members (pending)




In exchange for your participation in our upcoming beta-partner software development, you'll get our mind-blowing partner rewards including free advertising and marketing for life! Participation in each category, like Automotive, Beauty & Aesthetics, Education, Food, Health, and Real Estate, is limited and available on a first-in basis.

It starts with our presentation and your endorsement. If you're a professional, company or organization within the city of Fredericton or a township of York County, NB, then sign up today or contact us for more information.




During this closed beta development phase, membership is by invitation only. Partners may invite new people or corporations and network with associates, clients, prospects and friends.


Any person, organization or company may sign up directly at Pocits. This open beta phase fosters organic word-of-mouth growth by its existing members.


Pocits is ready to meet the world! In this third stage, the Pcoits brand and its City & Town networks will be publicly promoted and accessible! No membership or login will be required to browse and search any city's profile or the content featured in its Commons.