...is a collaboration of people, organizations, and companies participating in the development of the network as directed by Pocits Inc and funded by the Pocit token. There's six ways for invited professionals and corporations to participate in development rewards & benefits prior to open member sign-up.

We want your thumbs up! Review the pocits network and earn pocitcoin. Earn more as an early-in member for participating in user validations and activities during ongoing development.

Pocits' suite of marketing apps can be secured through pocitcoin, a digital token redeemable for a a fixed measure of products, time and circulation. That's guaranteed buying power at a pre-launch price! Clients may exchange pocitcoin (marketing products) peer to peer and on the bitshares exchange.

Accept pocitcoin from consumers in exchange for your products and services. Merchants can redeem them for cash, sell them peer to peer and on the bitshares exchange.

Create and post your own project to gain sponsors and receive pocitcoin in your project's self-directed account to fund your developers, exchange with merchants, or sell on the exchange. Eighty percent of pocitcoin is allocated for distributed through local enterprise initiatives.

Donate pocitcoin to your favorite project and sponsor a local initiative in your town or beyond. Sponsors can spend their pocitcoin, sell them peer to peer or on the bitshares exchange.

Consult, assist or take a direct role in operations of a project as developer and earn pocitcoin. Developers can redeem pocitcoin for cash or sell them peer to peer and on the bitshares exchange.

Contact us about development opportunities in the Pocits project and your City's network.