The Pocits project is a creative and ambitious collaboration of people participating in rewards as co-founders by performing tasks in an exciting project that should prove to be a globally viral sensation. We created a great way to reward participates s are task and time based so if you perform just one or ongoing

Biz Dev

Business Developers
Hotshot get'r done, take charge startup enthusiasts to share in our growing workload.
Advise, assist or lead in forming departmental roles:
recruiting, funding, gov't programs, legal, accounting, administration


Developer enthusiasts
PHP5 / HTML primarily
Modify and add to existing code, procedures, functions, UI menus and templates


Developers / Enthusiasts

M & S

Marketing & Sales
Analyst Adivser
UX designer
video production: promotions

Biz Dev

If you search online for your casual, professional, or corporate needs and wants, network, follow and share interests and trending topics then we'd like you to view the Pocits network and get your thumbs up endorsement.


Twitter tweeters
Engage your social media expertise as an administrator of Pocits twitter account to create tweets about the project and retweets of trending topics relating to the project and foster new followers.