Pocits marketing apps makes doing business easy, effective and cost efficient. Manage all marketing within Pocits through your profile's business control panel, the bizcard.

Marketing Apps

Directories, promotions, and advertising are the three classes of marketing apps to feature and share your business content and community activities. The apps are free to activate on your corporate or professional profile and feature to visitors with circulation upgrades to the city's Commons where the public can search and find or browse and discover.


The networking media hubs of the Commons, Book, Topics, Mall and Town, also function as directories.


People, organizations & companies, info & services, advertising.


Stores & Associates (retail & wholesale), promotions, advertising.


Shared articles & blogs, images & videos with popular & trending filters, advertising.


Non-commercial classifieds, info & services, advertising.


Promotions are featured exclusively within the Mall of the Commons where junk mail becomes wanted mail that consumers can search and find, browse and discover, and follow too. Promotion apps are category and keyword driven with 24/7 editing and display.


Upload and circulate a product or service coupon.


Upload pdf formatted flyers.


Bundled products or services offered as a group or single taker deal.


Reach a variety of audiences within any or all of the media hubs in your city's Commons; Mall, News, Town, and Book. The Commons' content curation maximizes viewer relevance for your category & keyword driven advertising.


Image and video ads feature on business profiles and display in highly visible margins for web and swipe-in for mobile with circulation upgrades to homes, offices and the city commons.


Large header images & videos feature on professional and corporate profiles and display prominently above posting activity streams with circulation upgrades to homes, offices and the city commons.


Full screen images feature as background branding on corporate and professional profiles with circulation upgrades to homes, offices, and the city commons.

Your profile visitors see your marketing content, not your competitors. Marketing apps connect viewers directly to you and empower followers with utilities such as Compliments and Endorsements.


Pocits paywall is distribution of your professional and corporate marketing apps to the places networks. Flat rate distribution fees are based on product, circulation, and time. No bidding! No contracts! Target audiences with innovative business-consumer dynamics and 24/7 exposure. Engage your contacts only or the city's entire population with content that's curated, readily accessible, and doesn't disappear down an endless timeline.


Pocits places start with the private Homes and Offices of personal and corporate users to network and follow contacts and interests. The City network is a public hub where all people, organizations, and companies can connect and share as residents in the Commons.


Circulate any or all of your marketing apps to the private Homes of your followers and city residents.


Demographically target your B2B products and services to the Offices of business sector consumers and connect with corporate clients and followers.


The City network is where all residents and visitors engage in the Commons with marketing to both demographically targeted audiences and to the general population as login is not required.


A regional network facilitates all city and township residents within a county or municipality as do the provincial, country, and International networks at