Homes and Offices are private places of people and corporations to network with contacts and follow their interests. The City is a public place where residents and visitors can connect and share in the Commons.


Home is your place where you receive and browse content from the contacts and interests you follow. View all content from contacts in each of your profiles, select profiles only, or from just one like your professional profile for when you're on the job. It's a great way to filter information as needed.


Office is where corporate and department administrators can view B2B and B2C content streamed from all the business and community related contacts and interests they follow, such as retailers, wholesalers, companies, organizations, professionals, clients and staff.


The City features a variety of content about itself such as Bio, Events, Maps, Notable People, Sites & Attractions, and Weather. It's where to browse and share about its history, architecture and parks, lakes and rivers, wildlife and trails, or public events with loads more to be discovered in the city's Commons.


As each city and town populates the more engaging they become for residents and visitors to discover and share. Pocits' cities and towns regionally aggregate by County, Province/State and Country.